Superheros thru the Years 1940

  • The 1940s alone produced over 70 new characters. So this might take a few installments. First we go to the first 6 months of that year. Which gave us 18 alone. So hang on here we go…

  • 4 in January

The Flash from the comics by Gardner Fox and Harry Lambert. Wore red tights with yellow lightning bolts. Could run super fast with matching reflexes.

Hawkman also from Gardner Fox and Harry Lambert. Powers came from the ninth metal or (Nth) which was on an anti-gravity belt. Costume with large wings, yellow helmet with wings on sides, yellow crossing chest straps with circle emblem with red symbol with a black hawk, blue pants, yellow wrist guards, red boots with lightning bolts down the front.

Johnny Thunder by John W Wentworth and Stan Asch. Abilities came from a genie like Thunderbolt entity and uncannily luck. Wore rugged western clothing, use coal dust to cover his blond hair and hide his true identity. Rode a horse named Black Lightning.

The Shield by Harry Shorten and Irv Novich. Powers were superhuman strength, leaping great distances, invulnerability. Wore indestructible costume that was red, white and blue bodysuit with stars and stripes on the front.

  • 4 in February

Captain Marvel (AKA Shazam) created by CC Beck and Bill Parker. Abilities Were magically bestowed include superhuman strength, speed, durability, longevity, flight, spell casting, control of magical lightning, knowledge and focus of the Gods, and teleportation via Rock of Eternity. Attire was red bodysuit with large gold lightning bolt on front, gold scarf belt, gloves and boots.

Electro by Steve Danlman had superhuman strength, and could run 100 mph. Was a red and gold robot.

Spectra from Jerry Siegel. Abilities wrapping reality, immortality, the manipulation of cosmic matters and energy, Cosmic awareness, knowledge of events of the past. His costume was all green, a cape with hood, gloves, boots and bare chest.

Doc Stranger by Richard E. Hughes and Alexander Kostok. Abilities super strength, speed, flight, invulnerability to bullets and was a scientific genius. Had no secret identity and no special clothing.

  • 3 in March

Black Marvel from Al Gabriele. Abilities excellent hand to hand combat and Peak physical condition. Wore black bodysuit with hood, mask, yellow belt, gloves, and boots.

Blazing Skull creator unknown. Had super strength, was immune to fire, regenerative healing, generate and project flames,  could make his tissue invisible while his bones remained visible. His attire was a flaming skull mask, red bodysuit, heavy black gloves, belt, and boots.

Hourglass by creators Ken Fitch and Bernard Bailey. With the use of Miraclo pill he was granted super strength, speed, stamina, durability, night vision, and could survive underwater. Wore black bodysuit with no legs, yellow tights, black boots and magical hourglass

  • 2 in April

Robin from creators Bob Kane Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson. Batman’s sidekick his attire was red tunic, yellow cape, green gloves, green boots, green spandex briefs and utility belt. Was an acrobat, expert in fighting, martial arts, technology and gymnastics.

Catwoman also from Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Wore one piece tight outfit black with hood with cat ears on the sides, black boots and gloves. Used a bullwhip for a weapon, expert burglar, skilled hand-to- hand combatant, gymnast, also utilized retractable claws and climbing pinons.

  • 2 in May

Bullet Man and bullet Girl from Bill Parker and Jon Smalle. Outfitted in red shirts, briefs hers yellow, his red, black boots, belt and gravity regulator helmets that granted them flight and bullet deflection.

Doctor Fate by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman. Only Powers were mastery of magic. Which given magical gold helmet, amulet and cloak. Also wore gold gloves, boots, briefs with blue bodysuit.

  • 3 in June

Scarlet Avenger created by Harry Shorten and Irv Novick. No special powers, but had a lot of high-tech inventions. Did not fight crime alone. Was scientists and inventor. Wore cape with mask attached and normal business suit.

The Spirit by Will Eisner Powers were super longevity, healing, outstanding athlete, hand-to-hand combatant, master detective. Only wore small domino mask, business suit, red tie, fedora hat, and gloves.

Invisible Scarlet O’Neil by Russell Stamm. Received ability of invisibility after sticking her finger in ray of machine her scientist father invented. Could control ability to change from visible to invisible by pinching a nerve in her left wrist. Was also intelligent, had stealth and tracking abilities. Because her clothes also became invisible she wore regular style of the era.