Superheros thru the Years1941

  • So here we are in 1941 there was 25 alone that year.

  • So hang on here we go…  

  • 1 each in January, February and March,

Black Terror from creators Richard E. Hughes and Don Gabrielson. Wore black costume with gold trim, on front chest symbol of skull and crossbones, red and blue reversible cape. Had super strength, limited invulnerability, and like to use machine guns.

Professor Supermind and Son by Alan Moore and Pete Hogan. Possessed super powers were invulnerability and ability to fly. Wore blue bodysuit, red belt, gloves and boots.

Captain America from creator Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Abilities include peak physical condition, enhanced physical and mental facilities, skilled in armed and unarmed combat, expert in technical strategy, field command and carries vibranium steel alloy shield that was red, white and blue. Outfitted in red, white and blue chainmail costume with wings on mask.

  • 2 in April.

Starman from Gardner Fox and Jack Burnley. He was intelligent, gifted inventor, good at hand-to-hand combat. Other abilities were via gravity and cosmic rods. Which included flight, stellar energy, light and heat projection. Also had a force field, simple energy construction generative ability and was telekinetic. Suit was red and green bodysuit, yellow star on front, yellow briefs, helmet with fin on the top, yellow boots and gloves.

Doctor Mid-Nite by Charles Reizenstein and Stanley  Aschmeier. Had power to see light via infrared lenses, night vision. Wore costume with crimson moon symbol was red and black, green cape with hood, yellow breifs, black mask, red boots and gloves.

  • 1 each in May and July,

Sarzon the Sorcerer created by John B. Wentworth and Howard Purcell. Was an accomplished wizard. Possession of mystical Ruby of Life allowed him to control anything he touched. Donned a tuxedo, red cape, yellow turban with red gem.

Hawkgirl from Gardner Fox and Evelyn Gaines. Most powers came from ninth metal or Nth metal. Which included flight and reincarnation. Also had Nth gravity-defying belt and archaic weaponary. She had exceptional senses and hearing from long term exposure to the Nth metal, super endurance, could communicate with birds, healing Factor, super strength and vision, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, temperature regulation and multilingualism. Wore green and gold shirt, green pants, gold and red boots, big gold wings, black and red wrist guards.

  • 9 in August

Whizzed by Al Alison Al Gabriele. Had super speed and reflexes. Self taught hand to hand combat. Had a yellow bodysuit with hood, large black W on front, blue briefs, boots and black belt.

American crusader who’s Creator is unknown. Was capable of super strength, flight, invulnerability to bullets, electromagnetic pulse generation. His outfit was red bodysuit with red octagon in middle on front, blue Briefs, gloves and boots, black cape with hood and mask and yellow belt.

Blackhawk from Will Eisner and Chuck Cuidera. Military style uniform with blue shirt with round yellow symbol with Black Hawk on front, pants, hat, black belt, boots. Abilities were military-related only.

Miss America by Elmer Wexier. Only ability found was molecular transmutation. Her costume was red shirt, blue belt, red and white striped skirt, blue high heels, black mask and blue cape.

711 from George Brenner. Had no superpowers. Was good in hand-to-hand combat. Wore all red, cape, fedora hat, boots, gloves. With a 711 symbol on front.

Human Bomb from Paul Gustavson. Had long life span, could generate biochemical explosions, good hand to hand combat and talented chemist. Wore only a contamination suit to avoid accidental explosions. Only remove gloves to use powers.

Plastic Man by Jack Cole. Was superhuman with elasticity, plasticity, malleability, resilience, durability, agility, regenerative healing, shape shifting, invulnerability, immortality and was immune to telepathy. Outfitted in red, black and yellow rubber suit, white goggles.

Phantom Lady from Arthur Paddy. Costume was green cape and what was equal to a yellow one-piece bathing suit and red belt. Was excellent fighter. Carried Black Lantern which gave her gift of invisibility.

Nelvana of the Northern Lights by creator Adrian Dingle. Powers were telepathy, invisibility, travel at light speed and heat-rays. Dressed in fur trimmed mini-skirt, knee-high boots, matching gloves, with headband and magical cape.

  • 3 in September

Johnny Quick by Mort Weisinger and Chad Grothkopf. Abilities were super speed, flight, able to vibrate through solid objects. Outfitted in black mask, red bodysuit with short sleeves no legs red boots, yellow gloves and belt.

Captain Flag by Joe Blair and Lin Streeter. Was a master in armed and unarmed combat, military tactics, and strategy. Donned a costume that was made from an american flag.

Fighting Yank by Richard Hughes and John Blummer. Powers were super strength, invulnerability and flight with aid from magical cloak. He also wore a tri-cornered hat, square buckles an american flag on his chest, white shirt and blue pants.

  • 2 in November

Aquaman from creators Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger. Had super strength, speed, durability, atlantean physiology, telepathy, mind control that extended to aquatic life. Suit was orange long-sleeve shirt, black briefs, green gloves, boots, yellow belt with large A.

Green Lantern and Speedy by Mort Weisinger and Greg Papp. No superpowers they fought crime using archery, technology and martial arts. Were also very intelligent, had master skills in athletics, archery, Bowmanship, Marksmanship, used Hi-Tech vehicles, gadgets, armor and compound bows with different trick arrows. Clothing was hoodies and pants his in green with red gloves and boots. Hers in red with yellow gloves and boots.

  • 4 in December

Sandy The Golden Boy from Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Had silicone-based body that was elastic and resilient, could metamorph into sand, emit seismic disruptions, had prophetic dreams, skilled with handgun based weapons. Wore yellow bodysuit with red collar, belt, boots, mask and briefs.

Wonder Woman creators William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter possessed super strength, speed, durability, flight, utilizes Lasso of Truth, indestructible bracelets, boomerang tiara, sword, shield and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Donned red top with no sleeves bald eagle on the chest, blue shorts with white stars, red boots with yellow stripping.

Liberator Creator unknown. Abilities super strength and speed. Wore a blue shirt with white stars, gold belt, blue boots.

Captain Marvel Jr. by Ed Herron and Mac Raboy. Magical lightning bestows,  the wisdom of Solomon. the strength of Hercules, the healing of Apollo and the power of Zeus. Costume was red cape with yellow stripes along the edges, blue bodysuit with yellow lightning volts down front, yellow waistguard, boots and belt.

  • So that was 1941 next we’ll go to 1942 hopefully a few years after but that’s all for this installment till next time…

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  1. Hey Betty! I learn so much from reading your post! Thank you for researching and relaying the facts with clarity! I learned that George Brenner only had hand to hand contact and that is rare to find especially in super heros. There are more about super heros that I actually didn’t know. I bet you have fun researching them! Any way thank you for teaching me!

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