Superheroes thru the Years 1935-1939

  •      Okay here we go again first back to 1935 for one more superhero; so hang on here we go…

Doctor Occult created in 1935 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Also known as Ghost Detective and Doctor Mystic was a P.I. Used Magic and specialized in cases of the supernatural. Abilities were astral projection, hypnosis illusion, creating telekinesis. He also possessed a Mystic Symbol of the Seven Talismans granting him powers of Clairvoyant, fighting exorcisms, detection and force field projection (well this guy had a lot of powers). Wore a suit, trench coat, and hat.

The Phantom came in 1936 by Lee Falk. He was skilled in fighting, marksmanship, had a genius-level intelligence, was in top athletic condition and sometimes use technologically advanced weapons. He’s costume was based on a demon god which was skin tight purple with a black mask.

The Clock by George Brenner in 1936. He was a hypnotist who had an underground lair. His costume consisted of a three-piece suit and black mask. Used a number of gadgets, one being a cane who’s head became a projectile and a diamond stud that fired tear gas. Usually left a calling card that had the face of a clock that read “The Clock has struck”.

Sheena Queen of the Jungle come in 1937. Her creators were Will Eiser and Jerry Iger. Her abilities were acquired from growing up in the jungle. They consisted of communication with wild animals, was proficient with knives, Spears, bows and shape shifting into other animals she came into our contact with. She wore a leopard skin outfit.

Superman shows up in 1938 from creators Jerry Seagal and Joe Chester. He was from the Planet Krypton. His abilities were superhuman strength, speed, durability, longevity, flight, heat vision, frozen breath, extrasensory powers including X-ray vision. His suit was blue, with a red and yellow S symbol on front, with red cape and red shorts.

Zatara in 1938 by Fead Guardineer. He was a magician who had real magical powers. Which he focused through backwards speech. He carried a wand and sometimes wore a helmet called The Helmet of Fate. He had green eyes, a black prominent mustache and wore three layers of clothing, white shirt, red bow-tie over that a yellow vest topped with black blazer and black top hat.

Arrow in 1938 created by Paul Gustavson. His only skill was as a highly trained Archer. Wore a red suit with with red hood.

Crimson Avenger 1938 by Jim Chambers. Only abilities seem to be olympic-level athlete,was highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and used a gas gun and skilled in martial arts. First wore a simple hat, cloak and mask of crimson color. Then later wore a skin tight crimson suit that had a crest with a sun symbol, red suit and yellow boots.

1939 produced a bakers dozen more starting with:

Batman by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. Abilities genius level IQ, peak human physical and mental condition, martial artist, hand-to-hand combatant, expert detective and utilized high-tech equipment and weapons. His suit consisted of a scalloped cape, bat like Cowl, tight fitting bodysuit with a yellow bat symbol on the front and yellow utility belt.

Namor the Sub Mariner by Bill Everett. Has superstrength, aquatic skills, speed, agility, fast refle.xes, flight via tiny wings on his ankles, longevity, telepathic, control over sea creatures and copied their powers, skin tight black suit open down the chest.

Wonder Man from Bill Eisner. Had super strength, speed, stamina, extrasensory powers, invulnerability, longevity and could fly. Wore red suit with symbol of the Sun in a yellow Circle.

The Flame from Will Eisner. Abilities were flame and heat manipulation, transportation via any fire and carries a pistol size flame thrower. His apparel was a yellow bodysuit with blue stripes down the legs and flame symbol on the front, red gloves, red cloak with hood, red boots, blue belt.

The Sandman from creators Gardner Fox and Bert Christman. Skills were profitec dreams chemistry inventing superb athlete hand hand combat skilled Detective also carried a gun that emitted sleeping gas sedating the bad guys green suit. fedora and gas mask were his attire.

Blue Beetle by Charles Nicholas. Wore a blue body suit with hood, yellow gloves, belt with Scarab emblem, blue boots, black mask. Abilities super strength and vision, flight, generate energy blast from his mystical Scarab amulet.

Bozo the Iron Man by George Bruner. Was a policeman in a robot’s hollow chest that could fly because the robot had a propeller on top of his head.

The Avenger by Paul Ernest had did like skin he could mold to look like other people only relied on a variety of special gadgets to catch bad guys also had a silenced 22 revolver he called “Mike” and needle-pointed throwing knife he called “Ike”. He wore dark grey coveralls.

Amazing Man by Bill Everett. Powers were said to be slightly superhuman strength, speed, endurance, flight and could turn into a green mist. Wore mystical chest straps with amulet, red shorts, red boots.

The Human Torch by Carl Burgos. Possessed the power to surround himself with fire and control the flames. While looking for this characters attire all I found where pictures of him in a flaming bodysuit that was either red or blue depending on the picture.

The Angel from Paul Gustavson. Had no super powers. With the exception of the cape that allow him to fly. Skilled in acrobatics, hand hand combat, disguise artistry, occult scholar, pilot, detective and accomplished at using knives and other weapons. Wore no mask, blue bodysuit with red cape and yellow wings as a chest emblem.

Shock Gibson bye Maurice Scott. Abilities were super strength, fire bolts of lightning, flight, control magnetism and melting metal. He wore a red suit, red boots, yellow gloves and belt with red lightning bolt emblem.

Doll Man by Will Eisner. Was a scientist, superb athlete, hand hand combat, could shrink two six inches and still retain full strength, psionic powers. Wore a blue bodysuit with no arms or legs and red cape, red boots and black belt.

Okay that’s all for this installment next time, when we hit the 40s and there’s over 70 of them. Till next time…



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