Superheroes thru the years 1920-1935

  • From 1919 to 1926

  • no new superheroes appeared then came,

The Red Shadow 1926 created by Sigmund Romberg similar to other characters that came later. He adopts a mild-mannered disguise to hide his true identity. Finding no real description of what this guy wore except a picture that depicts him in a stripe cape of unknown colors. No known skills or powers. Was a play and film only. No known skills or powers. I could find no other real information regarding this character other than his love story.

Buck Rogers in 1929 by Philip Francis Nowlan (I found it funny that they referred to it as a Space Opera), Rogers was a veteran of World War 1. After serving his country he went to work at a radioactive gas company, which was investigating reports of unusual phenomena in the abandoned coal mine. He was in a lower level of the mine and there was a cave-in he was exposed to the radioactive gas which put him into a state of suspended animation for 492 years. His only real skills were all military and he could fly planes. Pictures of I found show him in military space like clothing a various styles and colors.

Okay now so we get to the thirties and there’s so many that I’m not going to be able to cover them all in this one installment so I’m going to cover as many as I can this time and more the next so here we go with the thirties.

The Shadow as a radio announcer come along in 1930 by Maxwell Grant. Then in 1931 Walter B Gibson created the character itself. He wore a wide brimmed black hat a black Crimson lined cloak upturned collar over a standard business suit this guy didn’t have super powers but he had skill. He was an expert Detective skilled in Marksmanship, hand hand combat, was a master of disguise and also sleath. He had the ability to make himself almost invisible two others and hypnotic mental clouding abilities altering a person’s thought and perception.

Oxon Bat (Japanese superhero) by Takeo Nazamatsuin 1930. The name means golden bat, he had a golden skull shaped head, wore green and white clothes that had a high collar, red cape and carried a rapier (a type of sword). This guy had three different superpowers. He could fly, had superhuman strength and was invulnerable.

Hugo Danner creator who is Philip Wylie in 1930 his superpowers of strength started appearing as child he could jump great distances as well as Heights to run faster than a train was in invulnerable except to the largest artillery shells and lightening and the ability to heal fast. Usually wore wrestling shorts.

Dick Tracy came along in 1931 by Chester Gould had no powers just was an expert Detective with a two-way wrist radio. Clad in his yellow coat, matching hat, suit & tie, he was always ready to help people in trouble.

Conan the Barbarian came to us in 1932 from Robert e Howard skilled with a sword, a mighty warrior, a commander, strategist, tactician and born to be leader. He had brilliant blue eyes and long black hair most medias depict him wearing only a loin cloth. No powers that I could find except he was very athletic, brutal and lethal with a sword.

The Long Ranger in 1933 bye George W Trendle and Fran Striker, character started as a radio show. His skills were marksmanship, athleticism, horseman, hand hand combat, master of disguise. Wore a black mask, a white or tan western hat and attire. He wrote A horse named Silver.

Tonto also by George W Trendle and Fran Striker 1933. His name translates to mean moron or fool. No known skills that I found. Loyal friend too the Lone Ranger was by his side to help people in need. He was a Potawatomi Indian and rode a horse named White Feller. He wore a black bird on his head, no shirt and pants.

Okay Doc Savage in 1933 Buy Henry w Ralston John L nanovic and Lester dent. His skills were as a physician, scientist, adventurer, inventor, explorer, researcher and musician. With his mind that had been trained almost from birth two near superhuman abilities, a photographic memory and was a master of martial arts. He wore no costume and had no alter ego.

Dan Dunn created by Norman Marsh in 1933 was square-jawed wore a white hat with black band black suit. No skills except expert detective. First appeared in book and then in comic strips.

Flash Gordon drawn by Alex Raymond in 1934 was also called a Space Opera. Usually shown in some form of space suit. No special powers or skills

Mandrake the magician created by Lea Falk. Abilities include an usually fast hypnotic technique with a simple hand gesture. He uses on on any evil he encounters. Also can turn invisible, shape-shift, levitate and has ability to teleport. His hat, cloak and wand passed down from his father has magical power.

Phantom Magician by Mel Grief in 1935 a supporting character from the comic strip The Adventures of Patsy. The only thing I could find that he did was save Patsy all the time this guy was either not very good or neglected. Because I couldn’t really find hardly anything on him as well as a few others. but this is all I can give you for this installment. Next will at least try to finish the rest of the 1930s. Because I found 32 superheroes just in the 1930s. But hang on cuz I’m going to keep at it until I get them all. In the 1940s there we’re over 70. Till next time…


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