Superheroes thru the Years 1942 to 1949

  • Okay here we are again where to start with 1942 and work our way to the end of the 40’s with 1949. So once again hang on here we go…

  • 2 in January

Wildcat from Bill Finger and Ivan Hasen. Expert in hand-to-hand combat, world champion boxer, peak physical condition, possessed nine lives at any given time, super agility and surprising physical strength. Had a black bodysuit that covered entire body except for mouth and chin.

Mr. Terrific by Chuck Reizenstein andhalSharp. Master of martial arts, Olympic level athletic skills. Sported green and red costume with Fairplay on the front and mask.

  • 2 in February

Airwaves from creators Murry Boltinoff, Mort Weisingerand Lee Harris. Used technology and interest in radio and electronics to create the equipment he used. Wore costume of yellow and blue bodysuit could not find clear description of costume.

Johnny Canuck by Leo Bachie. Had no superpowers. Wore red and white tights and a mask with red maple leaf on forehead. Can find anything else on this guy.

  • 1 in March

Manhunter from Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Donned a superhero like attire red costume with red mask. Had no superpowers, but was an above-average athlete and Superior tracker. Could not find anything else on this guy.

  • 1 in April

Robotman by Jerry Siegal and Leo Nowak. Was a cyborg with super strength, speed, durability, endurance, super sharp vision. Had a rubber mask and flesh like bodysuit to make him look more human.

  • 1 in July

Commando Yank creators unknown. Used guns, knives and different fighting forms. Attire consisted of khaki coveralls with big blue circle with white star and red dot on front.

  • 1 in August

Captain Commando from Jerry Iger and Alex Blum. Was intelligent, had good leadership skills, marksmanship, excellent in unarmed combat, weapons master and had lots of gadgets. Wore blue bodysuit that buttoned up the front, red briefs, brown belt with white V on it, brown gloves, blue mask with white C on the front.

  • 2 in December

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